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Soft tissue in your mouth needs an ultra soft toothbrush, especially after extraction, visiting a dental surgeon, or having an implant placed.

Why an UltraSoft Toothbrush?

The softer the better. A soft toothbrush is the best way to take care of hard (teeth) and soft oral tissue (gums). It is essential to optimise your daily oral maintenance, but after surgery it is even more important to brush with an ultra soft toothbrush. For that reason, implantologists, dentists and oral surgeons advise the use of our toothbrush.

bluem®’s ultrasoft toothbrush

The multi-tufted ultra soft nylon filaments of this post-operative toothbrush are carefully rounded. The ergonomic grip ensures a more controlled and smooth brushing technique.

This supports the protection of gums, mucious membrane and wounds in the mouth. The brush is also well suited for the care of implants and dentinal hypersensitivity.

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Instructions for post-operative care

Brush twice daily with blue®m toothpaste and the bluem® ultra soft toothbrush for at least four weeks to minimise irritation of the treated area in the mouth or as advised by your dentist, oral hygienist or specialist.

Instructions for daily oral care

After four weeks you can continue to brush with our ultra soft brush and toothpaste, because we believe this is the best way to take care
of soft oral tissue.

Replace toothbrush after four weeks of use. 

Benefits of an ultra soft toothbrush

  • Specially designed for the after care of implant and periodontal surgery
  • Safe for hard and soft tissue as well as the area around wounds
  • Optimal plaque removal
  • Recommended by oral surgeons, implantologists and dentists


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