bluem® - evolution in oral care

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The difference is oxygen

bluem® products are revolutionary and making a real difference in oral care. The unique antibacterial formula using active oxygen, helps to prevent and treat a wide range of oral problems. Now available and recommended by healthcare professionals in over 50 countries worldwide, bluem® is helping more people improve their oral health.

It has been known for centuries that oxygen plays a key role in fighting infection and supporting wound healing in the body. With that knowledge, a team of oral surgeons and dentists developed the bluem® formula. The secret of the formula is the slow release of active oxygen derived from, amongst others, honey. Our products are the perfect solution to maintaining a healthy mouth.

 Empowering you with the finest oral care products to support your daily health care routines and help improve and maintain your oral health. We believe the mouth is the beginning of the digestion system and therefore essential in your total well-being. Healthy mouth, healthy body!