bluem® oxygen fluid


bluem® oxygen fluid is a gentle mouthwash for sensitive mouths.

To avoid irritation and heal wounds in the mouth, for example after implantation, extraction, chemotherapy or radiation, or poorly fitting dentures.

Suitable for daily use, bluem® oxygen fluid contains no alcohol or fluoride, and will not cause irritation or stinging.

For the best results, we recommend rinsing with bluem® oxygen fluid for 30 seconds, or as indicated by your dental professional, after brushing with bluem® toothpaste twice a day. Do not rinse your mouth with water after using bluem® oxygen fluid. The active oxygen is still working and rinsing with water will stop this process.

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bluem® oxygen fluid is the gentlest way to take care of your mouth, perfect for a painful and sore mouth, especially after chemotherapy.

Oral mucositis is a common complication of chemotherapy. It starts a few days after the initiation of chemotherapy and lasts for one to two weeks. Chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis can cause ulcers and oral thrush. bluem® oxygen fluid is specially developed for people with a sensitive mouth. It’s a medical device to speed up healing process of oral wounds and problems. Many people who went through chemotherapy had positive results using bluem® oxygen fluid with high concentration active oxygen. You can use this gentle mouthwash to complete your daily oral care routine.


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