Why You Should Use bluem® Toothpaste

Isn’t it time you experienced the bluem® oral health revolution?

How to treat bad breath using bluem® toothpaste

If you’re eager to improve your oral health and achieve a stunning smile that you’re not afraid to show off, you need a toothpaste that’s up to the challenge. The best toothpaste, if you will.

Perhaps you should be using bluem® toothpaste?

How to Improve Your Oral Health Using bluem® Toothpaste

As more and more people seek to improve their oral health, bluem® is ready and willing to provide a helping hand.

With a wide range of revolutionary products on offer, all of which use active oxygen as the unique ingredient, bluem® hopes to make the world a better place.

One of the tools that you should consider adding to your oral hygiene arsenal is bluem® toothpaste. Available with or without calcium fluoride, bluem®’s unique formula delivers an outstanding clean that is difficult to match.

Brushing your teeth properly at least twice a day for two minutes with bluem® toothpaste prevents and treats oral health conditions such as periodontitis and peri-implantitis. It can also address other issues like halitosis and inflamed gums while preventing the build-up of dental plaque.

All bluem® toothpaste is PH-neutral with an extremely low abrasion rate, virtually eliminating the erosion of tooth enamel. Suitable for everyday use, it also provides extra care for dental implants and crowns.

hand squeezing bluem® toothpaste onto a sonic toothbrush

Why bluem® Toothpaste is More Liquid Than Other Toothpaste

When using bluem® toothpaste for the first time, you might notice that it’s a thinner consistency than other toothpaste you have used in the past. Don’t worry, though, there’s a reason why it’s more liquid-based.


Research shows that using thicker toothpaste is less effective at reducing dental plaque. A layer forms on the nylon bristles of your toothbrush, stopping the bristles from performing as effectively as they should.

Thanks to its thinner consistency, bluem® toothpaste is looser than other toothpaste. This allows the nylon bristles on your toothbrush to make maximum contact with your teeth and gum line.

Despite this thinner solution, you don’t need to add more toothpaste to your brush. Just a pea-sized amount will do.

What Ingredients are in bluem® Toothpaste?

It’s a unique blend of ingredients that makes bluem® toothpaste so effective when it comes to tackling oral health problems. The toothpaste contains three key ingredients:

Ingredients in bluem® formula


Honey starts a glucose-oxidation process in which the glucose in the ingredient is converted to active oxygen. The glucose is fully converted so no sugar is left to cause tooth decay.

The active oxygen reduces anaerobic bacteria which usually cause dental decay and other oral problems. It also stimulates the blood flow within the gum, helping wounds heal faster.


Lactoferrin is an anti-inflammatory protein present in many of our own secretory fluids, including saliva. It has an immune-boosting quality.

Its anti-bacterial function works because it binds the iron parts that are concentrated around micro-organisms.

Additionally, lactoferrin has an anti-viral function and works against fungi and yeasts.


Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is present in fruits and vegetables. The xylitol in our products is derived from birch trees.


This sweetener has a fresh taste and is great for teeth and gums. It helps reduce plaque because, unlike glucose, the bacteria responsible for plaque build-up cannot feed on xylitol, essentially starving the microorganisms.

What’s more, xylitol is a low-carb ingredient and prevents the mouth from becoming too dry.

bluem Toothpaste with calcium fluoride being squeezed out of tube

Why is bluem® Toothpaste Blue?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding bluem® toothpaste is the colour. Why blue?

Well, that’s all down to research.

Did you know that, due to the honey in bluem® toothpaste, it’s actually brown? However, research shows that most people don’t appreciate using brown toothpaste. That’s why most kinds of toothpaste on the market are white or blue.

As oxygen – the key ingredient in all bluem® products – is blue in its liquid form, it seemed the natural choice when choosing a colour. Furthermore, the colouring is all-natural and not harmful to your body.

Other bluem® products, including oral gelmouth spray and mouthwash, are free from colourants.

Using bluem® Toothpaste with Calcium Fluoride

There are two options available when buying bluem® toothpaste. You can choose bluem® toothpaste with calcium fluoride or the fluoride-free alternative. 

If you believe you require toothpaste with added fluoride, try using bluem® toothpaste with calcium fluoride. This contains a calcium-based fluoride as opposed to the more commonly used sodium fluoride as it is natural and non-toxic.

If you have dental implants, it’s recommended that you use fluoride-free bluem® toothpaste.

Add bluem® to Your Daily Routine

With its revolutionary, oxygen-enriched formula, bluem® allows you to dramatically improve your oral health routine with high-quality oral care products.

Sold in more than 30 countries worldwide, our oral care products are specifically developed to prevent and treat oral problems such as inflamed gumsperiodontitis and peri-implantitis.

View our complete product range here.

Remember; healthy mouth, healthy body.

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