Is there a "best" toothpaste?

Ours. But that would be a bit arrogant to say, wouldn’t it?

We have very good products. We are not saying we are the best, but that is definitely our goal. With our bluem® team we can achieve a lot and we always keep developing and improving our products. With active oxygen as our unique ingredient we hope to make the world a better place.

Why bluem® toothpaste is more liquid than others

Research shows that using thicker toothpaste is less effective at reducing plaque. A layer forms on the nylon bristles of your brush, stopping the bristles from being able to do their job as effectively. bluem® toothpaste is looser than other toothpastes to allow the nylon bristles on your brush to make maximum contact. How much toothpaste do you need? The size of a pea will do just fine.

Which ingredients are in our bluem® toothpastes?


Honey starts a so called glucose-oxidation process in which the glucose in honey is converted to active oxygen. The glucose will be fully converted so no sugar is left to cause any caries. The active oxygen reduces anaerobic bacteria, stimulates the blood flow within the gum, helping wounds heal faster. The anaerobic bacteria are often the ones that cause dental decay and other oral problems.


Lactoferrin is an anti-inflammatory protein present in many of our own secretory fluids, including saliva. It has an immune-boosting activity. Its anti-bacterial function works because it binds the iron parts that are concentrated around micro-organisms.  Additionally lactoferrin has an anti-viral function and works against fungus and yeasts.


Xylitol is a natural sweetener which is present in vegetables, fruits and birch trees. The xylitol in our products is derived from birch trees. This sweetener has a fresh taste and is good for teeth and gums. It helps reduce plaque because the bacteria responsible for plaque build up cannot feed on xylitol like they can glucose, as such the bacteria is essentially starved. It is a low-carb ingredient and has health promoting characteristics. In addition xylitol prevents a dry mouth from occurring.

bluem® toothpaste is blue and for a reason!

We often get questions about the colour of our toothpaste. Our toothpaste originally had a brown colour thanks to the added honey. Research shows that users don’t appreciate the colour brown in their toothpaste. Consequently most toothpastes are white or blue. Because oxygen in its liquid form is blue, we chose this colour. We are blue just like a dive in a Scandinavian lake. The colouring is all natural and not harmful for your body. bluem® oral gel, mouth spray and mouthwash are free from colourants.

bluem® toothpaste with fluoride

For people who believe they still need fluoride despite our replacing ingredients, we have developed a toothpaste with fluoride. We use a calcium based fluoride as opposed to the more commonly used sodium fluoride as it is natural and non-toxic.